Digital Photo Restoration: Do you have 10, 20, 30 year old, or even older photographs that you'd like to memorialize forever? Today that's possible with professional photo restoration services such as what we provide. Restored photos are much larger than the originals. Once the photos are restored, they can be copied or backed up on hard disk, DVD disks, and even USB sticks too, so they can be cherished indefinitely. It's a great idea for family, grandchildren, businesses, clubs, etc.. Final restored images will be presented on CD or DVD disks, along with a free digital photo album. Our digital photo album is able to contain literally thousands of images on large, printable photo pages. Our restoration service is not very expensive either, especially not if you have large numbers of paper photos that need to be restored. Take a look at our prices:

Up to 100 digitally restored photos ... $250
101 to 250 digitally restored photos ... $350
251 to 500 digitally restored photos ... $595
501 to 1000 digitally restored photos ... $750
1001 to 2000 digitally restored photos ... $995

Prices are excluding 6% sales tax. Paper photos will be picked up by one of our staff from the client. Photos will be briefly viewed and counted at the client's home or place of business, whichever is applicable. If photos are believed not to be restorable, there will be a $65 drive-up & consultation fee (Brevard County only, neighboring counties $110 dollars). 50% of the pre-determined final payment is due upon pick up of the paper photographs, the remaining balance is due upon return. The time requirement for photo restorations is based on existing, previous client work already in progress. Most photo restoration projects are completed within 7 to 14 days. Very large projects with 1000 or more photographs to restore may take as long as 3 weeks, possibly a bit longer if we're very busy. Written Guarantee: We hereby guarantee to have any restoration project with up to 2500 photographs completed in no more than 30 days of time! If PhotoSavings has not completed the project in that time frame the client bill will be reduced by 65% (barring circumstances beyond anyone's control such as hurricanes, severe illness, accidents, or death in the family). Be aware that Digital Photo Restoration does not imply that truly bad photographs can be made to look good. That is impossible since the processing software can understandably not turn the lack of missing objects, fog, or white background noise into a picture.
No refunds possible for completed work!

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